Nourish Yourself...

A lifelong dream has come true for owner and operator Hiam Jamell. Growing up in the scenic mountains of Lebanon, not far from the beauty of the Mediterranean coast, Hiam learned to craft the fine cuisine that you are enjoying today. A dream nearly five decades in the making, Hiam is now proud to share her favorite authentic dishes with you, her treasured guest.

Each day you can enjoy our delicious homemade Falafel, Gyro, Mezza, and other tasty Mediterranean delights.

As business owners in Boulder for more than 30 years, the Jamell family truly cherishes each and every customer. At Mumtaz, that’s why we bring 100% to all we do, one great Mediterranean dish at a time. As our valued customer, what is most important to us is great food and outstanding, friendly customer service. This is our pledge to you.